Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eating Omaha...Nettie's, a local institution

All my years as an SOB (South Omaha Boy) and I have only been to Netties once or twice in my early youth. Always know as the landmark for Mexican cuisine, after last night it's very possible that no one can compare to this place. Not much to look at but always crowded we had to wait about 20 minutes to get in. It was a pleasant wait and nostalgic to say the least. I kept thinking there must be someone I know here and some of the faces looked familiar but let;s face it, it's been 40 years since I stomped these grounds.

We started with a bowl of guacamole and fried flour chips. Delicious albeit I could have used a bit more heat. We all ordered something different tonight. The portions are huge and we took half the meal home. I have a beef enchilada and "toad" combo platter. My lovely bride opted for a beef burrito and taco combo. Lori had an ala carte chicken enchilada and beans while Mat choose a chimichanga that looked suspiciously like a taco salad as the menu warned it would.

The enchilada was sublime. The tortilla coated and treated to dark red chili based sauce and filled with seasoned beef and stringy cheese. I know it won't be as good today as it was last night but I could only finish half and I really wanted more. The "toad" was a fried shell taco stuffed with beef and beans and all the fixings.

As far as atmosphere and ambiance its unbeatable depending on your standards and expectations. We will definitely keep Nettie's on our list for Mexican treats. It's just not that far away or hard to get to. Love it.

Afterwards we did some South O site seeing and stopped in front of my childhood home at 19th and N street as well as the pottery shop on 24th street. Drove by the old alma mater, South High School before catching the interstate and going home. Great night with great food and our besties.

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