Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eating Omaha, date night and celebrations! lovely bride passed her ASPAN certification exam and we had to celebrate. No one but us as everyone else was busy so we hit the special at Blanc Burger in the Midtown Crossing section of town. Nick was close by so he joined us.

Not sure if this is a strictly Omaha phenom as they have locations south of us in Missouri but its a great little spot. White and Orange looks like a throw back to the 2001 A Space Odyssey days where early 20th century fantasizes about what the future looks like. Clean and fresh and the special was hard to beat: $35 for 2 burgers, and appetizer, a side and a bottle of wine. How bad can that be? (channeling my inner Ida)

I opted for the  Inside Out burger and Brenda had the Blue Jay burger (we split and shared anyway). We divide the Jisa's cheese curds which were a delight and ordered a side of Lucky Bucket onion rings. Finally we split a bottle of Cab. Nick had the Husker Burger. I must say it was a very tasty affair and kind of a fun thing to do on a Monday or Tuesday night. The area is great and not crowded on these days of the week so it makes the arduous drive from West "O" bearable.  I would definitely go there again but eat way less (way less).  Yum.

PS  sadly this fine establishment closed after ouor first visit! Gosh I hope it wasn't us. ;-) It just was not doing as well as it's other location in Kansas City. Too bad for us, nice place to dine.

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