Sunday, April 15, 2012

Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti!!

Ahh...finally awake after a night of Paschal Services and a prime rib dinner post festivities! Mat and Lori came to church with us and the family. They were real troopers sitting through a moderately long service and partial Matins.

I woke up today expecting company so that means cooking. We have not had meat in 40-45 days or so. There will meats a plenty as I usually cook what ever the kids crave but the standard of the house is Lamb. Since Pascha fell the week after Easter this year, there were some sales on bone-in legs and I bought one about 8 pounds. Its in the oven now getting to around 135 for medium. I marinaded the whole leg in yogurt and spices as usual. I also roasted a lamb breast for Ben (Lamb Bacon) as well as a small ham, some chicken and wings and a bit of bacon for the broccoli salad.  Not sure if our non Orthodox friends understand our annual meat fest but we always are open to all comers.  For us it's the end of a long discipline and celebration of the biggest holiday in the church. The church has a nice picnic that we rarely attend since we set the bar at home so long ago. We used to have a Big Greek Easter celebration but the festivities we lost on our "xeno" friends so we just have a quiet affair with a few close friends now. Pics and recipes later to come.

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