Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eating Omaha...Mojo's

A sultry summers evening in the big O and it was Matt's turn to pick. He picked this place based on a very recent review in the paper and Matt loves smoked meats. He smokes them very well himself. This place was lauded for it's smoked fare and emphasis on that rather than sauces. 

The place is great in a fantastic location, Aksarben Village. For those of you uninitiated, "Aksarben" is Nebraska spelled backwards. There was a Saturday night concert on the green, the whole place buzzing with activities. Mojo's was steadily busy but not overly so that we got a table quickly. A very nice young man waited on us and beers were procured all around as the menu was perused. They have a full range of tasty treats including the standards burgers and wings but they also had a smoked NY Strip. I passed for tonight and I ordered a 3 meat plate to try a few things. Matt did also. The ladies had sandwiches. My wife had a Cuban Pork and Lori had brisket.

Everything was OK. Just OK. I had smoked brisket, chicken and ribs. There were 4 baby back ribs that were a little tough and the brisket was a bit chewy also. The chicken had great smokey flavor reminding me of my Grandpa Sam's smoked chicken in the backyard at 19th and N Street. The sides I choose, beans and potato salad were...OK. I would not seek this place out for food but would stop there again. My platter was $20. Brenda enjoyed her Cuban Pork sandwich for $9. It was a pleasant experience but not sure that I crave it.

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