Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pot Love

Is it wrong to love a pot? At TJMaxx today I discovered a set of cookware that had my heart racing. Especially this smallest one (8 Gallons!)  This heavy bottomed baby is about 24 inches tall and holds about 8 gallons.

Wow. Are you thinking Plaki sauce?  I am. Cooking that sauce in the spring for 100 makes me crazy cause I have nothing big enough to hold it all in one place.  The price was $100 so that put me off a bit and I am sure it won't be there long but I have lust for this pot. I know it's wrong.

PS...I thought about it and considered it a donation to the church and bought it. Its very cool, I am very weak. I am postive I can use it for other things...turkey brining? Yes. It will be very useful.

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