Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Not sure who is going to show up today for dinner. Hopefully everyone but not to worry, I made plenty. Today is a ribs day and wings of course. I picked up a package of baby zucchini to add to the ones we did not eat up the other day. I also had some fresh corn in the fridge and we always have lettuce and stuff if anyones wants a salad. I am thinking about cornbread today, not sure why but I have a jar of jalapeno's calling to me and a bit of sharp cheddar.

So I am using the last of my homemade rib rub. I have to make more but I have been buying the packaged stuff on sale. It's pretty good but I was really just trying it to see if I should scrap my recipe and use store bought. The jury is still out.

Rubs are complex concoctions of spices that take a while to assemble. Most contain sugars and salts and peppers. I have a collection of different ingredients that I come across as needed. The recipe follows:

2 1/2 T Brown Sugar
2 T Paprika
2 T Dry Mustard
2 t Garlic Powder
2 t Onion Powder
1 1/2 t basil
1 t ground bay leaf
3/4 t coriander
3/4 t Ground Savory
3/4 t Thyme
3/4 t black Pepper
3/4 t White Pepper
1/8 t Cumin
1/4 Salt (I use smoked salt)

Use your coffee grinder if needed to break things up a bit. Mix it all and store in air tight container. Sprinkle liberally over ribs and chicken.

While we were at Trader Joe's I picked up some leeks for the Shrimp Bisque I want to make for Wednesday Night supper. I have a nice package of medium raw shrimp in the freezer and everything else is on hand. Easy!

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