Monday, November 7, 2016

Eating Omaha...Smitty's Garage

After services on Saturday, we wanted to try this new hamburger joint. Not sure what to expect, it was a cross between fast food and sports bar. Serving lots of liquor and a ton of burgers. The burgers were tasty and the menu extensive. Self service at the front, they give you a number and deliver to your table. Mostly booths and high tops, we sat a a high top as it was quite busy being a Husker weekend and there was nothing on the floor.

You can pick your patty from beef, bison or turkey (they have vegan also) and then a pre set combo of ingredients. I opted for the Spicy Siracha Blue burger and picked a few of the grilled jalapeno's off as it was a bit much for that spice late in the evening. I would not be able to lay down to sleep.  It was grilled perfectly and the combo was savory, spicy and satisfying. John had the Bison burger and was happy as were all of the members of our party. The sides were fries and they had sweet potato fries as well. Not a huge fry guy personally, these were OK. Skin on but not as crisp as I like.

Brenda bought the ladies a Moscow Mule, a first time treat for Dora and Debbie. Apparently a big hit, Brenda said the Ginger beer used was especially tasty. We sat and talked, watched the humiliating defeat of the Husker's, we left at halftime and headed for home. Great night, great burger.

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