Monday, November 7, 2016

Eating Omaha....Stroud's

It was a crazy eating out weekend for the Denich's starting with Stroud's, the home of pan fried chicken. A chain from KC that features fried chicken in a kind of family style atmosphere.

The atmosphere was great and we got there just in time as the crowd rolled in about 6. Simply a new spot in Omaha, it took over a former restaurant by Village Point.

The menu was a little confusing but basically, you choose your entree, various chicken piece combinations and a few sides which are brought out family style. I chose the 3 breast meal and took a full 2 breasts home. Brenda had the salad with a huge portion of chicken on it which she took quite a bit home. Jeff and Michale had other combinations and it was a really good. As good as Millard Roadhouse but more expensive.  I would give a two thumbs up but probably hit the Roadhouse for this type of meal.  The finishing salvo was an order of cinnamon rolls that come with each meal. we had them bring them to us last and bagged them for home as we were just too full. They were great too but no quite what we expected. The service was fantastic and personable.

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