Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Eating Omaha....Tavern 180

Yes! Such a cool place, albeit a little pricey but you can pick and choose a reasonable dinner from all the fine selections.

The menus took a bit of getting used to as they came on tablets but they had nice photos of all the offerings which just made it harder to choose. For starters Old Fashion's Brenda ordered a Vanilla and I had a plain. The only flaw in the evening is they were out of bitters.

Next up was an array of great looking appetizers but we opted for soup or salad. The Seafood Bisque came topped with a puff pastry crust high on the bowl that added buttery goodness to the creamy filling soup underneath. The Bisque was spot on. I have a Caesar Salad that was great. Brenda ordered a house salad with her soup. I have a Cajun Seafood Pasta. Bob and Kim ordered the Parmesan Chicken and Shrimp and Crab Stack Salad respectively. All of it was great and we ran into 2 sets of friends while there. The star of the show was a basket of  tiny rolls laced with Asiago cheese that I had to mind my manners to keep them all for myself.

Service was prompt and courteous and attentive. And patient,  as we struggled a bit with the menus.

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