Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy in the kitchen

Trying to get as much prep work finished as I can for the party Saturday night.
Last night was all about pie crusts, lemon and lime curds and preparation for what lies ahead. Choosing the right pans and utensils. Re checking the grocery list. I still have a few things to pick up at the store. Baked the genoise for the Pave last night. That can sit for a few days.

Still need lady fingers (or I'm gonna have to make them) and several other small items to complete the fare for the night. I need lemon leaves for the chocolate decorations just a million little details that need to be gone over. Lucky I have tomorrow off!

Valentine's dinner?  Well we just had NY Strips (a T Bone for Ben) and a 1 pound lobster tail that I overcooked ever so slightly as the kitchen was busy and help was scarce.  I had decided to make Naan again and it turned out great but it took longer than I expected to cook and things got a little out of had, especially with steaks out on the grill. Mackenzie likes her steak just so and I am always worried that they will over cook. Hers was done perfectly and the rest were to my wife's liking but the lobster suffered for attention. Oops. Maybe a do over. It was all good though. No flowers or cards anymore. Just good food, a great wine and fantastic company.  Dessert will be this weekend anyway. Looking forward to a lot of great friends coming over and hopefully I didn't over do the guest list!

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