Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eating Omaha...Nicola's

Last night we had the honor of visiting Nicola's on 13th and Jackson. Cold night but well worth the trip. As our routine, we brought our own vintage and paid a corking fee. Seems to be a cheaper way to drink the good stuff and not pay an outrageous mark up. Even with the fee it's cheaper. Dinner was magnificent. First a cheese tray. Olives and assorted cheeses with crostini and crackers. A drizzle of olive oil and a dash of pepper. Yum.

We all ordered something different tonight. No specials (sorry Lori, I feel bad) It seems we always get burned on specials so I like to stick with signature dishes for a first time visit. Tonight's entrees were Lobster Ravioli, Mediterranean Lasagna, Ravioli and meatballs and the Bolognese. All was supper tasty and everyone appeared to happy. I know I sampled the Lasagna and wow was that great! We brought home a fair bit of food. Definitely a keeper and it looks like the rest of Omaha is aware of that.

For dessert, Lori made a test run of one of the desserts we had chosen for the party this weekend. Very good and light. Delicious. Food coma.

Looking forward to our next venture out. Lent is on the horizon so it will have to be seafood for us that night.

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