Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Dessert Party!

After a hectic day of prepping and primping, the desserts fulfilled their destiny and the guests seemed pleased with their choices most people tried a bit of everything. We all had a great time and spirited conversation. We drank champagne with various treatments, my favorite was a touch of brandy. A lot of folks drank apricot nectar or pomegranate juice in theirs. I think the fan favorites were varied. A lot of people enjoyed the Lime Blackberry Pie but for some the Orange chocolate torte with Blood orange compote. Some just liked the cheesecake this year while my daughter and her friends gave the macaroons high marks. Photos of the following with recipes added as I have time.

Lime Blackberry Pie with meringue

Orange chocolate tart with blood orange compote (Sorry for the focus here)

Lemon Pave

French Macaroons with orange scented chocolate ganache

Tiramisu Trifle
Italian Cream Cake

The lovely hostesses Brenda and Lori
Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake

Jeff and Michale, John, Debbie and Dora

Alison, Nicholas, Brooke and Mackenzie


  1. Hi Tom! These desserts look DELICIOUS! The Lime Blackberry Pie looks especially tasty, and I love the leaves you added to the orange chocolate tart!

  2. It's all about presentation! That pie was delicious and the recipe was in Bon Appetit August 2011 cover photo. Easy to make. This is an annual event at our house so we try some new things every year and bring back the most successful ones from the year before.



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