Monday, February 6, 2012

Cooking the same ol' thing

We are in a pre lenten rut these last few weeks. Planning the dessert party, getting ready for the major cleaning push that is going to happen and me being sick with a cold really takes the fire out of my cooking.

I have been cooking,  but basically the old standbys. Creativity has left me for the moment as I focus on desserts and trying to balance an array of possibilities that will elicit the appropriate responses from our guests but also represent a diversified portfolio of sweets and a mix of texture and flavors.

Every party has to have a Pave. I generally make strawberry or lemon so one of those with definitely be on the menu. Something chocolate and something spicy. something cheesy and something fruity is always a good mix. Decadence just comes with the territory. Perhaps a trifle this year or a tiramisu? I was looking for something artisan. Small individuals but they take a while and anyone who knows me knows I am not a patient man.

I have little time left and have to meet with our co-hosts to verify the task at hand. I have a few ideas still rolling around that need to jell up. Then I need to make that grocery list and pick up about 5 pounds of chocolate and a few quarts of cream. Hmmm.......

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