Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cook once, eat twice

I love it when a meal can serve double duty. Of course, I always cook enough for leftovers for lunch but sometimes I can get a completely different dinner the next day. Case in point, on Sunday I had brined about 5 chicken breast with the intent of grilling. I divide them into two thinner pieces and make cutlets with a panko breading. This produced fully 10 or 12 nicely browned cutlets. For dinner we had a Chicken Milanese and put the rest in the fridge. I had a small piece for breakfast and then used most of the rest for Chicken Parmesan for dinner. That and some sauteed spinach made quite a tasty meal. Leftovers for lunch today.

So easy, no mess the second night and 2 great meals, lunches and snacks.

The recipe for Milanese is well know to the blog, just run a quick search for it. The Chicken Parmesan was nothing more than non stick foil, a layer of your favorite sauce, chicken, sauce and cheese. Heat till bubbly and serve.

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