Saturday, December 8, 2012

Eating Omaha...Jaipur's

For my birthday this year we ventured out of the norm and ate at an established Indian restaurant in the heart of West Omaha or at least where West Omaha begins, Jaipur. This had been an Omaha standard for many years in the middle of Rockbrook Village. A quaint little place with beautiful painted walls and a great atmosphere. A very complete Indian menu is offered as well as custom beers but tonight we opted for wine, a nice Cotes du Rhone. We had a full house as all the kids were able to join us and we had a party.

Samosa's and Papadum were first to hit the table with a spicy but cooling Mint Chutney. Everyone ordered something different so we could try a lot of things on the menu as well as a few assorted Indian breads. All us boys ordered a Lamb dish, Madras Curry, Rogan Josh and Korma. The gals ordered chicken dishes, a Tikki Masla and Tikki Korma. We passed then all but the Madras was super spicy hot. I loved it but it took some getting used to. I had leftovers today and my heartburn returned instantly. (It does not deter me from eating what I love though.)

The rice that came with one of the dishes was perfumed with Cardamom seeds. They have a vaguely citrus-y orange note and very floral. So delicious and unexpected. The meal was delightful and expensive but we knew that in advance. This is not a cheap place to grab a bite. The service was wonderful and doting. All in all a great experience and fine dining.

I will definitely be making some of this food in the near future. Yum.

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