Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eating Omaha....Taxi's Grille and Bar

Our last Eating Omaha for 2012 found us at Taxi's Grille and Bar for a great dinner with a few extra friends and family last night. We normally got out as a foursome but with the holidays and family members in town, we had a few extras with us, Matt and Lori's daughter Ali and Lori's mom, Annette and Mackenzie showed up. The place was festively decorated for Christmas to be sure and the atmosphere was lively and full of patrons. Reservations are recommended for sure as folks like to linger over dinner.

The waitress answered our questions and explained the menu as well as the specials. She mentioned a Blue Cheese  and Cabbage soup which piqued some interest to which she brought us a sample. I had a cup after that and it was excellent. Really.

The service was prompt and friendly and the food was superior. Ali had Pan Seared Scallops that I could have wrestled her for. Mackenzie had a Crab Cake Salad that was also delicious. Matt had a Rib eye covered in melted Blue Cheese that looked tasty and the rest of us had the special. I know, I don;t normally order specials. They are usually never a bargain and sometimes they are not good. Tonight was a different story. It was expensive but a perfectly cooked 7 ounce Fillet with a Portabella demi glace was well worth it. Fork tender and juicy, I savored every mouthful. The dinner was a hit for everyone. The tab was moderate.

Tonight we have to pick up the pplace for the arrival of guests after church tomorrow and our traditional soup supper. I need to bake some bread and cook the soup after work. We have a few coming over since a lot of folks celebrate the day as we do but not the Eve. Looking forward to the New Year!

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