Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steak Pasta with Mushrooms and Bleu Cheese

Brenda happened to mention Saturday night at dinner that she had a hankering (not her word) for steak Pasta after the delicious Fillet Mignon that Mat had brought by New Year's Eve. So, after work I stopped quickly to pick up a few key ingredients but the steak was out of the question at $18 a pound so I picked up a Tri Tip Roast and cut it into thick steaks and treated them similarly to the New Year Eve preparation (pan seared and oven finished). The result was a delicious meal with over ripe grape tomatoes and the last of our hunk of Bleu Cheese.  The recipe is here:


So tasty and when my wife wants pasta, well that's a rare occasion and pasta she will get. Yum.

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