Monday, April 28, 2014

And we bid adieu...

Benny left today (Sunday) for Kansas City and his new job he starts on Monday. If he was nervous it didn't show. He seemed happy and excited to begin anew. No real plan or hesitation on his part,  although I am sure there is some order to things. I wonder if he'll get homesick. Brenda's friend offered her aunt and uncle to put him up for a few days till his apartment is ready so he is staying with strangers of sorts and it was okay with him.  He seems to be the most easy going of us in that respect, just takes what comes and deals with it.  He and Nick spent the better part of the weekend sorting and packing with Mom then moving their stuff to temporary quarters.

We had a nice dinner on Friday with family including our extended family,  Matt and Lori.  Saturday,  he spent the evening with dear old dad, smoking a cigar and sharing a few beers. He went to church with us and said goodbye to a few favorites and then we lunched at one his favorite haunts before packing his car and watching him drive off. Not sure when it will hit us that he is really gone and I think we are trying not to dwell on it but so far we looking forward to KC road trips and helping him settle into his new place. Nick will join him in a few weeks or so and we will scout out some local spots to stay for the future.

Night at the Copacabana
Birthday boy with Mom and Dad

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