Friday, April 4, 2014

And now....Everything changes

Like every other family we are facing great change. Yesterday,  Ben got great news that he was offered a position at KU as an ICU nurse. He has always wanted the opportunity and now his wish has come true. Nice, but that means in just a few short weeks he will move to Kansas City along with Nicholas, who work on his DNP in Anesthesia at KU and we will no longer have access to them easily.

The kids have been out of the house for several years now and we always dreamed of having those Norman Rockwell Sunday Suppers. It happened on rare occasion but in reality, with work schedules and night hours, it never became a regular event. As a matter of fact, all holidays became logistics nightmares as we tried to accommodate schedules around meal planning and it did not always end up in a great place for any of us.

This will be a major change. I am sure big sister Mackenzie will realize the implications very soon also as the boys will no longer be around for that bail out help they were always grudgingly good for. Especially Ben.  And we are getting older. I feel it everyday, especially the last few months. We will have to hire help for the heavy lifting and the rest of it.  Our dynamic has indeed changed. So we face an uncertain future as most parents and kids do full of fear and trepidation, excitement and exhilaration, pride and prejudice. Our friends, Matt and Lori, faced this when their kids took off to Chicago just as they made the move to Omaha. While they seemed to take it in stride I am sure there were some emotions we were never privy to similar to what we are going though now.

We are actually excited to have an excuse to visit Kansas City once in a while. The boys will do fine regardless. Nicholas is a great student and fantastic guy and will succeed beyond his imagination. Ben needs a change of venue and some time away from the familiar. The change of pace will do him good.  So all in all, its a good thing, but....why do we feel so sad?

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  1. It is hard because you will miss the closeness. Hannah is moving to Phoenix. I feel the same way :(



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