Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Post Paschal Letdown

We are hurtling towards the culmination of our Paschal journey and are planning our usual "feast" on Sunday but as Brenda and I spoke on the way to Wednesday's service we realized we really have few to  celebrate with. Our circle of folks that have shared the experience with us in the past has dwindled to zero for the most part.  Its really not about fasting as much as sharing the common experience. Its a lot more fun to have a meat festival with folks who can appreciate not having meat for the forty plus days. That and the intensity of participation abruptly ends and leaves you wanting.

We used to have a Big Fat Greek Pascha Party but few of our guests were Orthodox so they really didn't 'get' our excitement for that first taste of grilled chicken and lamb. We eventually stopped having the party.  Our parish is, for the most part, multi-generational families that have their own traditions to uphold.

 I think our best years were at another church where hamburgers were grilled at someone's house and all the unattached folks gathered into a large group of fellowship. Just a bunch of strangers with nowhere else to go. My kind of gathering. It was odd though to have so many converts our age and a lot of those converts are no longer with the church.

I guess in the next few years we will join the church picnic instead of cooking for ourselves but even that is bittersweet for you see, to me, cooking is an addiction. I just love to cook and have folks over. I just got an All Clad fry pan for Pete's sake (on clearance at TJ Maxx for a steal).  Maybe its time to open a restaurant.

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