Monday, January 19, 2015

Chicken Soup for heart and soul

Nothing says love and comfort like chicken soup. I started the broth days ago and skimmed most of the chilled fat leaving a bit for flavor. I dropped in a quart of chopped carrots and celery and a handful of parsley. I let it simmer and added back the boned,  chopped chicken. The veggies are crisp tender and time to turn off the heat and get packing. I cooked the noodles separately to make sure they didn't steal any of my broth and added them last. The bread is in the oven as we speak and we have dinner fort 2 wonderful families who could use a little special attention as they face life's challenges. Brenda made some fabulous bars for dessert. Its going to be quite a meal.


Dinner was pretty good and delivered on time. The Kenkels kindly invited us to join them for dinner so we did and had a lovely evening as we always do with them.  Brenda was jokingly mocking me because I was trying to explain the 'art' of creating a flavorful yet clear broth for soups and everyone joined in. Really in cook's circles, this is a big deal (only to cooks apparently) to make something that is visually appealing as well as balanced in color and flavor. I am not ashamed to have fussed at all. It's become my middle name and I am known to be very fussy about things (things that matter, like chicken broth) so sue me. In the end we made about 12 quarts of soup and brought most it to the families and left us about a quart at home.

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