Thursday, January 22, 2015


My studio is a pit. Disgusting.

Yesterday I purchased a 32 inch TV/Monitor for my studio PC but I looked around and could not believe the dirty, dusty mess I try to work in. Time to get organized a bit. I cleaned up the papers and trash on the floor and organized my paints so I had the current project at my finger tips and the rest put in the paint rack.

Narthex Project

I cleaned and organized the brushes and I have hundreds. Some new, some not so much. Some favorites all placed in jars or other containers to keep the tips up and away from harm. All my drawing tools, protractors, compasses and other accoutrement's of the art trade were similarly organized. It actually is energizing to work in an organized environment. Makes me excited to hit the studio again. Wow. I have so much stuff accumulated over the years and every time a brush is on sale I pick it up. More paint than I know what to do with. Panels, canvas, unfinished works, works in progress and major projects like the Narthex Project. I have no idea with the hundreds of drawings and cartoons for icons that I have and the library of books that I own for reference.

When we took dinner to our friends the other night I had an unexpected bonus, they had a card on the fridge from the Omaha Catholic Archdiocese featuring a cropped photo of an icon I painted that resides at Mary Our Queen. Sadly, no credit for the artist (I doubt they even know who the artist is) and the bane of the art world, once purchased, they can pretty much use the image as they please with no re-numeration or credit to me including reselling the work.  The surprise of seeing the piece was enough but shows how tough it is to make a living at art or as an iconographer. I give more work away than I ever sell and often am uncredited for any of it.  A prime example is the altar piece at our local Greek parish, St. John's. I doubt many people know who painted that Last Supper icon except for the family who commissioned it.  The priest never said a single word about it even though he ordered it. Even in my own parish, it is not well known that I am responsible for half the works displayed. I think God wants me to live in anonymity. I am achieving that goal.

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