Friday, January 2, 2015

Eating Omaha...Saigon Bowl

Something new around something old, Mackenzie's pick tonight we all met at 63rd and Center by Aksarben at Saigon Bowl. 
The menu offers several choices of protein, carb and vegetables with tasty sauces to bring it all together and it was grand. I had my doubt's but it was really good and filling. 

Proteins ranged from tofu to pork and chicken fixed various ways including grilled. Carbs included noodles and rices as well as a non carb choice, lettuce. Toppings abounded and the sauces were complimentary mild to spicy. The price was low to moderate and there were several sides like crab Rangoon's, egg and spring rolls. Nice place, clean and efficient if just a bit smokey, a better ventilation system would be in order. Overall a nice experience and friendly staff. 

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