Friday, May 13, 2011


It's been a week of nothing special. Since class ended Tuesday and work started in earnest on Wednesday there really wasn't much to cook for. We pan grilled some albacore tonight for tuna salad which was delish with those soft tasty pitas I like so much. Ben is working and the kitchen construction starts on Monday at 8 sharp. So long weird wall left over from the 80's and the low brow cupboard hanging over the island. Gotta clean out all that space, remove the cupboard and genrally rearrange for the week it will take to repair the damage.

Hopefully the new cabinetry will arrive then we can begin to paint the exisiting cabinets. We expect that to take a month or so since we are doing it ourselves. The new oven is here and ready to be installed but the cabinet maker has to adjust the rough opening to let it fit in.

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