Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day pre planning

Well....if you haven't heard it's our 30th anniversary on Monday. I am already thinking of great things to grill for the weekend. We are all set for the festivities on Saturday with reservations at M's Pub for dinner and Sunday we are having a marriage blessing with family at the church. But Monday? What to do? Thank the Lord the grocery ads came out today filled with Memorial Day goodies. Ribs an feather bones are on sale so they take center stage. Looking for new ways to cook them but baby backs get rubbed and grilled directly. I like 'em a bit chewy. The feather bones will get grilled then soaked in sauce for a few hours. Perhaps a lamb breast for a treat? 

Veggies will be whatever the Farmer's Market has to offer this weekend. Too soon for corn and we can't eat that much on our low carb diet anyway. Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes is always good and perhaps a red potato salad.  Sounds like a plan to me. Gotta get started on that rub now......

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