Friday, May 6, 2011

St. Olga and Friday night dinner

So...the icon class. It started Thursday and we have all been busy little painters since. The Prosopon Master is in town in conjunction with the Glory of the Ukraine show at the Joslyn. The museum gives us quite a bit of freedom to move about and we come in the employee entrance daily. Very cool. Below is the progress of the icon of St. Olga. A prototype first for the school. After I came home today we had some pan sauteed Mahi in a white wine reduction with assorted squash and portabellas.
The drawing..redid her face and hand from the original

The etched drawing after transfer to the board

The gilding after clay bole dried and polished

I was bored so I gilded the church dome also

The base coats of paint. Rough egg tempera mixture that texturizes the surface

Still filling in the white spots...almost done

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