Monday, February 10, 2014

Eating Omaha... Over Easy

Several weeks ago there was a article in the Omaha World Herald about this new breakfast place. We had noticed a sign on the corner regarding homemade Poptarts so we were intrigued and happened to have an opportunity to stop by Sunday morning.

One of the things the paper touted was the Poptart so we started there and made our way through the menu. It came hot with an obscene amount of melted butter on top. We order the Clementine and the filling was delicious but the tart itself left something to be desired. I found it under cooked with some the layers kind of doughy. It looked nothing like the flakey attractive photo printed in the OWH.

article photo
The OWH version crisp, flaky, strudel like
Our Version not at all the same.Doughy and heavy.

Our service was awful by the way and the place was not all that busy. We asked for water and coffee refills. Brenda drinks decaf and a pot was brewing the whole time we were there. Not sure she got a refill after the first one.

Brenda ordered a Baked Egg Boat (eggs baked in a french bread boat) but it was dry and miserable looking. The eggs were scrambled and not all what she expected. I had envisioned a baked egg nestled in some cheese with a runny yolk to spill over the toasted loaf. Nothing like that came to us.

I ordered the Biscuits and Gravy with eggs over medium (it comes over easy but I like my whites cooked). The gravy was tasty but looked old, the eggs were perfect but the biscuits were dense and  not as light and flaky as they could have been. I added sausage to the order.  All told it was an expensive breakfast ($27 plus tip) and a disappointment especially for the price.

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