Sunday, February 16, 2014

H1N1 and the Human Condition

Our weekend started as usual with breakfast and a early movie at discounted rates. Just about the halfway mark, my wife was so distracted by a flurry of group texts, we left. A co worker's husband had been hospitalized with the flu. In the ICU, ventilated and in multi organ failure. From the flu.

Life is tough but life is surprising frail. We spent the afternoon in the ICU waiting room at a local hospital with a interesting mix of people that had rallied in support of the wife and ailing husband offering prayers and comfort filing in and out, gathering in unlikely groups. His side was heavily muscled,tattooed bearded men in watch caps, hers were nurses, lots of nurses who like her, have done this before and will do this again for sure. This group of gals has an incredible record of sticking it out and being there for each other, no matter what.

This is a big man with even bigger friends and coworkers. I think its why we marvel (not in a good way) at such a small organism being able to humble the strongest of us and imperil our existence. The true amazement here is that most of the comforters in the room were co workers. His and hers. I mean family is one thing but if you think that I see my co workers more than my family, daily and many more hours at a time, it's very impressive.

So today we will stop again after church, offer help and support, ask God for mercy, cry and laugh with the assembly of folks who have gathered in honor of this man and his wife. He is still in critical condition hanging on minute to minute trying to fight something so tiny and hold on to life so precious but so very frail.

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  1. Now we know why elephants fear mice. Amazing that something as tiny as a flu virus can fell a huge person so easily and completely. And that both the man and the virus have the same creator. It's just for us to pray and wait and trust that the outcome is exactly as it's supposed to be - though it often seems unfair and illogical.



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