Monday, February 17, 2014

Eating Omaha....The Fangman's

We had a invite on Valentine's Day from some very special friends, the Fangman's. Over the last few year's we have cooked for each other. My efforts not quite so formal but tiers is always a spectacular event.

Friday we dine on Filet of beef perfectly cooked (pan seared with a pat of butter, finished in the oven), Lori's recipe for Party Potatoes and a delicious salad of mixed greens and vinaigrette. Dessert was a layered Red Velvet Cake that I was able to snatch a sample from Brenda's plate. We had wine and drinks and conversation and laughter, especially laughter. I think that's the best part of getting together with these folks is that we always seem to be laughing. This time the added bonus of a fabulous meal was just the icing on the cake. Thanks guys.

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