Friday, February 7, 2014

Signs of the Times

Signs and more signs
I have become a sign painter of sorts....for friends.

We have old friends who have a charming daughter that is getting married this weekend and they asked me to work with their wedding planner to make some banners and signs for the big event.  This turned into quite a job as the banners were 10 feet long and I worked too quickly not anticipating some revisions so I have to re do a lot of the work.  I learned a lot about fonts and brush work and had a self discovery of sorts. I really enjoy sign painting, I have no software to easily do layout so I did most of the work by eyeballing it and there are all sorts of tricks and tips that can help get er done.
the original Bar Menus had to be redone. The guest book sign
My forte so far has been the trendy Chalkboard signs which, if well done, are rarely chalk but chalk markers. But like I said this is trendy and trends have a habit of changing on a dime so little of the wedding work was on chalk board.  Brenda and I do, however, pick up chalkboards of varying sizes and we have been using monograms on them as hostess gifts (sorry if you really prefer a bottle of wine)
Late addition
Couple's monogram
The only chalkboard needed
Just for grins I had a Brenda project to do also

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