Thursday, February 20, 2014

H1N1 and the Human Condition...a sad conclusion

We went to see Greg last night, to look at him, touch him and be with the continuing vigil of support that surrounds him like a favorite worn blanket after the massive stroke that took him away. Brenda had been up the night before and met most of the Omaha Police Department that Greg worked with who have a brotherhood not unlike the military, leaving no man behind.

We did not see Vanessa last night as she probably hunkered down with the kids who are the worst collateral damage to what has happened. Imagine trying to explain the unimaginable to some children when you can't believe it yourself. Heartbreaking.

A lot of the gals have already made plans to be there for Vanessa over the next few weeks and months to help her through the worst of it but does it ever get better?  Especially after seeing him last night. I have smoked a few cigars with Greg in the past and listened to some of his stories (and there were many) and I saw no difference in the ICU bed. Here lies a guy, large in stature, healthy looking despite the medical hardware, warm and robust. No wonder this is hard to explain, he literally looks asleep. They will harvest his graciously donated organs today and the lucky recipients will have a part of this genuine fellow to carry on but leaves the rest of us wondering....what just happened here?

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