Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A boatload of leftovers

I was a bit diappointed as several folks did not show yesterday and I cooked a great amount of food. I had a lot of leftovers, especially ribs and featherbones. I think I will de-bone it all and freeze some of it for later snacking.  The corn can come off the cob and be fried with a bit of olive oil. The rest we will just have to pick at the rest of the week. Maybe the kids will stop by and help finish some of this food.

The biggest disappointment is that I won't be cooking much this week because of the extra food.

I tested out the new ovens on Monday also. Worked great. Have to learn more about how to use these bad boys. Apparently there are some hidden features that will allow me to make jerky again in the convection top oven.  Need to break out the manual.

Now...picture the cabinets a light cream color....

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