Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grilled Mahi Mahi and stuff artichokes

I purchased a new grill basket several months ago and have yet to use it. Last night I thawed 2 large Mahi fillets, coated them with herbs and olive oil then grilled them a few minutes per side. Quite good actually. Not sure what the grill actually adds but it keeps the cooking smells outside I guess.

Our friends left us 2 huge artichokes so I stuffed them. The thing about artichokes is an incredible amount of trimming and waste. By the time I got to the stage of stuffing there is a pile of trimmings. They cooked for a good hour but the stuffing was delicious. I had to use up the fontina in the fridge.

Just in case things did not go as planned I took out the large flat bread from the freezer I bought at the Mediterranean grocery. I was going to make a pizza out of it but perhaps I will tonight. I have some fresh mozzarella to use up.

Getting ready for the big wedding this weekend. A grand social event and a lovely friendship with the bride's parents. I have to get the icon finished I painted as a gift. Unusual for us as I don't normally paint for gifts. But this is a special couple with special parents. Got to iron my tux shirt and get things just so.

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