Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roasted Grape tomato and garlic caprese

Had a few Grape Tomatoes going south so I roasted them with a few garlic cloves in olive oil and salt and pepper. When they had the "look" and the garlic was soft, I chopped the garlic and placed it all in a bowl. To this I added a few chopped basil leaves, some white balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Add Mozzarella pearls and then refrigerate.

 Mix and enjoy.  Tonight? St. Louis style ribs with Kohlrabi and Fennel salad.

Last week some friends were in Chicago and at my request brought me back a bottle of Aperol. A bitter orange liqueur. More bitter than I had imagined. (And I am talking bitter, not tart) We had everyone over last night for cocktails.

Aperol Spritzer

3 parts Proseco
2 parts Aperol
splash of club soda
Orange slice

Mix over ice and enjoy.  Everyone loved then. I did not, however. I cannot tolerate bitter for some reason so while I did drink one I probably won't drink another. I'll stick to scotch, thank you. Looks delicious though!

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