Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grilled Flatiron steak with Fennel-Kohlrabi salad and Pan Au Gratin potatoes


Tonight I used a recipe from one of my links "The Bitten Word". An unusual salad of shaved fennel, shaved kohlrabi and blueberries. The dressing had ginger and soy sauce. A bit of sweetness from maple syrup and a bite from some chopped shallot.

Now...the recipe called for some pretty exotic ingredients that I don't normally stock...maple syrup and white balsamic vinegar. So substitution was the key. In this case,  pancake syrup and regular balsamic. (Ok , sue me) It was very tasty regardless and the flavors were perfect together albeit a bit odd to think about.

The Pan Au Gratin was easy. I had the mandolin out anyway. If you don't have one of these handy little gadgets I highly recommend it. Mine is a hand held, adjustable that fits in the drawer and only slices.

Anyway, slice some potatoes (I had small reds on hand). Heat up a medium non stick fry pan. Cook them in a small amount of oil till lightly brown. I covered them to steam them up a bit. Flood the pan with some cream, top with a grating of Fontina and White Cheddar. Cover and turn off the heat. When the steaks are cooked the spuds are ready. Wow were they great!

The steak I just marinated in Weber Peppercorn Marinade. I love these little packets.

I buzzed the dressing in a 4 cup glass measuring cup with a blender stick.

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