Monday, July 25, 2011

No cooking this weekend...............

Such a busy weekend. Friday was a night out with friends at Rivera's. Great seafood Hispanic flair. I had the Lobster Enchilada. Highly recommended.

Saturday, we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. Glad that's behind us now. Great film but I still can't get over the lacking material from the book but I do understand time constraints. Funny how the changes basically come to the same outcome but the book is so much more eloquent and makes so much more sense (if you can make sense of wizards and such). That night found us at Stinson Park with more friends and some music with the Confidentials. They were not in great form but passable. I talked with several folks from my recent past including Jeff, my gym buddy, from the YMCA. He is gonna be a grandpa.

Sunday after church,  we traveled to St. Nicholas Church for their great fried chicken dinner. Always consistently good. Of course, my mom always buys Ben a dinner of just chicken for carryout. I had a small breast this a.m. for breakfast. Delish. On the way home we got rear ended *sigh*.  Not much damage but a huge hassle.

Later Sunday afternoon, our good friends, the Kropps, hosted their annual event at their house. Great food and company as always. So nice to get together with the Kropp side of the world.  After all that I was beat. Tru Blood and then bed for me.

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