Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mexican Holiday.......

Every year, we go to Mexico around this time. Just a nice getaway for a week. We have asked folks to go with us but it never works out so we go alone and are never sorry. After this year, we'll not invite anyone again. We just had so much fun and a chance to meet new folks and as always the service and resort was 5 star.  One of the things I anticipated everyday, if you know me at all, was my next meal. In these poor economic times and strange weather year, there were certain things that were not available this year or in short supply. Avocados was one of those things. We always look forward to buckets of guacomole but found none this year and a lot of fresh fruits were absent.

We celebrated Brenda's birthday, as we aways do,  but this year the resort took it to a new level for us and really treated us special. Wonderful place, wonderful people and a really special partner to share it all with. Does it get any better...probably not.

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