Saturday, October 1, 2011

Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Loin with Roasted Apples....Fall day menu

An adventurous day for sure. A new recipe for some old friends and a football game. The cover of Bon Appetit this fall has this roast featured. Luckily it can be prepared early so I can clean up the kitchen before guests arrive. With the roast we will have Domino Potatoes and asparagus. The menu called for Brussels Sprouts but I am not sure that because I love them everyone else does too.

For dessert? A nice Panna Cotta with a Mixed Berry Coulis Already in the fridge jelling as we speak.

A word to the wise, this recipe was quite complicated and I had the butcher fillet the roast for me since the service was free. I surprised at how big it rolled up and would not fit in the frying pan to sear it. Did the best I could but a lot of stuffing fell on the stove. Looks like dinner for 12 rather than 4. We'll have plenty of leftovers for sure. Suffered a nasty burn trying to lift this giant meat roll off the stove to the roaster though so I am tending to a painful burn on the inside of my finger. Makes it tough to do the dishes......honey? Darling?

Butterflied pork with kale layer

Stuffing onions, apples, garlic and ground pork

trying to brown this giant on my largest pan. Thats prociutto on top.

Roasted on a bed of apples to perfection

Domino potatoes, browned and buttered

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