Saturday, October 1, 2011

Prosphora baking day.....

Started the day at about 06 early and began the process of baking Holy Bread for services tomorrow. I've talked about this before. The bread is now cooling on racks covered in dish towels (no fabric softener please!)

The process is kinda of rote now for me. 7 cups of flour and a tablespoon each of yeast and salt. 3 cups of warm water makes a sticky, wet dough from the Kitchen Aid mixer that rises for about a hour or little more. Reshaped into the pans, sealed and rise again while the oven heats up. I baked at 325 convection today and it took about an hour to reach 200 degrees. You know what the finished loaves look like already so I won't bore you with another photo.
The seals
wet dough

second rise with seal

shower cap covers during rise

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