Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Cake Central....

Mackenzie and the Divine Miss Em were over yesterday to mess up the kitchen. Seems like no matter how big your kitchen is, there is always more room to be had.  The boys had commandeered the kitchen table to build a new PC for Benjamin. So nice to come from work and all your kids are there busy. Lots of laughs and conversation throughout the evening. In between it all I managed to cook some dinner. Just your basic grilled chicken breasts (brined of course) some sprouts gratin, roasted beets and pan gratin potatoes. Yep, a lot of gratin but little carbs and modest portions makes it all doable.

adding the chicago skyline

The yet to be assembled wedding cake

Finishing Touches to dry for the Chicago Pennant

The Bulls, The Bears and The Sox...I guess the groom is a sports fan from Chicago?

The ladies baked 14 cakes or so in the new ovens with some minor trials but the task at hand was completed and the cake layers are assembled and the edible fondant applied and ready to be decorated today at 10 am. The kitchen was a bonafide mess but easily cleanable and no permanent damage. A lot of cake trimmings hit the waistline though so the next week is going to be all about working off those nasty but delicious carbs! Pics to follow I am sure......can't wait to see the final product.

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