Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back on the "diet"

Since the Paschal feasting and Mother's day steak dinner we are back on the "diet" of grilled chicken and leaner meats, more salads and less breads again so its really boring and I have nothing to report cooking wise. Have been tending the yard which is shaping up slowly and trying to decide how to decorate the patio for company. We love the table and chairs we purchased but have yet to hand the chandelier as we are looking for the perfect spot to place the table first.

The new grill is working well and the gas outlet was a brilliant idea. I love it! I used the searing burner for the first time and wow does that sear the meat. nice grill marks and a great way to cook.

 Member's Mark 30" Outdoor Gas (LP) Grill

The pond is running but I have not seen any fishes so I am afraid we may have lost them all but we didn't expect to have any this spring. Another $2 wasted! Have to get $2 more fish. I think last year it was 12 of them. The water lilies are quite active and the other marginals are peeking up. The bunnies are having a hey day with the hosta and Asiatic Lilies. So spring is sprung in Nebraska with record hot temps yesterday but milder weather this week.  Time to assemble all the parts and start anew. Plant our new Hydrangeas since the builders destroyed our others and buy more rabbit food (hosta) to fill in the bare spots.

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