Monday, May 20, 2013

Great Sandwich

I had a bit of grilled chicken, a nicely ripe avocado and a delicious tomato just waiting to be used. On the agenda then was a bit of Tarragon Chicken Salad with some red onion and a little celery. Just cube the chicken and add a splash of lemon juice, a scant teaspoon of tarragon and a few tablespoons of mayo.

I found whole wheat rolls at the market  and layered a  roll with a slice of Swiss, tomato, avocado and then chicken salad. Wonderful and I used most of the stuff left in the fridge.

Does that look tasty?

The rest of the weekend was a blur of garden shopping spending money and then spending more money. We sat on the patio and had supper Saturday night with Ben. Just grilled chops and veggies with a nice garlic mashed red potatoes. I installed the light fixture. Not 100% on the way it looks but it casts a nice glow over the table at night.

Last year I bought some solar lights on clearance so I dug those out and let them charge all day. when dusk fell it was a pleasant surprise to see there glowing orbs in the cool. We also learned a thhing or two about buying flowers. Some of the stuff is so expensive and you need so many iof them but not if you buy a pre planted basket, on sale, and divide it up! Wahoo for my lovely bride's ingenuity. We bought Petunias and Bacopa that way. We repeated the mantra Thriller, Filler and Spiller and stuck to ouor plan and ended up with some great planters for the season. The Bacopa basket was already a foot long so that is already spilling over the edge of the container. We used a hosta in one bucket as the thriller and petunias as the filler. So easy and fast.

On Sunday we got up early, did some quick running around and then headed to Kearny for a Graduation Party then back home to rest before work.  Whew! These weekends are tiring me out.

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