Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post Pascha blues and meat cooking

So now that the intensity of services has declined sharply and we are almost back to our regular routine. This week, of course, we can have meat all week. On Sunday, instead of going to the church picnic we opted to entertain the kids with their favorites. One favorite is beef jerky which I made Holy Saturday during the day and we brought to church with us Saturday night as is our family tradition to have beef jerky to break the fast.  After I got up on Sunday, I cooked a small leg of lamb, some chicken wings and a slab of ribs. We had vegetables and salads but really the meats were the star of the show. We are still finishing leftovers to this day and interspersing an occasional hamburger and other meat treats.

It seems odd for the non Orthodox that we place so much emphasis on this feasting but the deprivation from our usual routine can seem daunting. After the first taste of what we were missing our reaction is usually "why is this such a big deal?".  Honestly, the challange of keeping the fast becomes as much of a routine as anything else and seems to be a non issue. We start looking for other ways to participate.

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