Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dinner with Nick

I had been told that Nicholas would come for dinner, so I stopped at the market on the way home and bought a few thing I needed anyway. The Chicken Thighs at $.99 a pound appeals to my frugal side and I love that recipe I posted from Alex Guarnaschelli for the BBQ Chicken. Love it.  I paired it with some fresh snow peas and mushrooms but I didn't like what I did to them so much. They were tasty but the Asian treatment was not called for. Should have just left them sauteed and buttered.

 For my lovely bride who likes drier white meat, I bought some breasts and treated them the same as the thighs but I boned the breasts and left the skin covering.

The recipe is here and if you have not yet tried it, please do. So darn tasty.

Divine Inspirations...food for the heart and soul: BBQ Chicken.......indoors

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