Monday, June 15, 2015

Eating Omaha....Astoria


The paper has been featuring an Indian Carry Out here in Omaha that recently changed hands from Kurry Xpress to Astoria. We stopped by for a quick but expensive bite after church. It is quite literally a hole in the wall type of place. 108th and Q on the Southwest corner.We are not as adventurous without the Fangmans but time to get out there and be brave.

They had a lot of Biryani and we don't normally do a lot of rice due to strict carbohydrate issues so we opted for more traditional dishes. A lot of folks had the egg Biryani  and a lot of the customers were East Indian so it must be a great place. We were not disappointed. I had the House Astoria Lamb Curry about a heat rating of 8. The waiter raised a brow but if you know me at all, I can take the heat.

Brenda had the Chicken Kurma. She just had a 4 rating but could have gone much higher. The dish was memorable. I have made and ate a lot of Indian but this was fantastic. I would order this on the next visit but turn up the heat a bit. There was some intense savory flavor here I cannot quite get my fingers on but there will some experimenting at home. Brenda is already rolling her eyes I am sure. I started researching recipes for traditional Kormas (Kurma is another spelling)  and some have tomatoes, some don't. Varied spice mixes with or without clove etc. Could have just been butter and cream. This is no Weight Watchers dish!

My Lamb Curry dish was tender and tasty and quite warm but I could have gone all the way. We had a double order of Naan but foolishly no veggies.

There is a short order menu without much explanation so it was hard to get a foothold of what might be a good combo. Next time we can split the moderate sized entrees for a better mix. Almost everyone there ordered the Biryani so perhaps we can give that a try. But I telling you, I am dreaming of that Kurma.

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