Monday, June 15, 2015

Icon Progress

Are you done yet? Hardly, I say with a smile but getting there. Someone asks me every week.

The hard parts? Laying out the cross pattern on the Bishop. Getting some great expressions on the figures. Basing in all this color sometimes multiple times, sometimes not liking and changing color, rearranging garments so they make more sense. It's coming along. 

The good part is that the heavy lifting was done with the first batch. I drew all ten after the research and he research took a few weeks at least. Now its just settling down and making them better than the first ones. 

It seems I am always buying brushes. I look for them every time I go to the store to take advantage of sales and clearance.  They usually only last  for one painting. They lose their point and shape and get relegated to applying background paint. I hate throwing them out so they go into a container of 'gently' used brushes that look to be in pretty poor shape. 

My favorite paint is no longer available locally so I have to buy on online now. It takes surprisingly little paint to cover the figures. I buy paint as I can and have issues with storage and finding what I need  so I keep a box of the current palette handy and together so I don't have to look for things. I have reorganized most of the studio so I put things back instead of wasting 20 minutes looking for whatever. I have a lot of whatever.

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