Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So it begins again....the Second Phase of the Icon Project

After our icon installation a few Saturdays ago, I began the second half of the work.A little surprised at the low key response to the first installation. A lot of folks don't even see them when they walk in and very few realize I am the painter, it must be the Lord's way of keeping me in my place. Maybe when the other side is completed?

a few have asked questions about the process. I posted an image of the drawings pinned in their order and ready for transfer. I use large sheets of graphite paper to retrace the drawn image onto the canvas then  outline and refine the drawings with a brush and dark paint to get an idea of where to put the color.

Sometimes I change my mind completely and redraw the garments to make more sense. Sometimes I find a better prototype and change the drawing to match the better version.  On St. Nicolai here, I rearranged his sleeves and outer garment, covered his Gospel hand and generally re draped everything, adding folds and hems. I am mapping out the pattern on his outer garment which takes a surprising amount of time.

Capturing the expression by changing the eyebrows to a more plaintive look.

St Edward the Confessor as a younger man.

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