Friday, June 26, 2015

Fruit and Meat...and a bounty of Cherries!

Jill stopped by last night with a generous basket of fresh picked berries and cherries thanks to her mom, Joy. Thanks Joy!

So I haven't made a fruit compote for meat in quite a while possible because I over made it back in the day after visiting Alice Water's restaurant in Berkley in the 80's.  The night we went, a roasted pork loin was served with a Fig and Cherry Compote. I had to make that but figs in the Midwest are hard to come by although Trader Joe's now offers them in season.  I found that Oregon Brand offered canned figs and Bing Cherries and there I had my mainstay. I made it as our 'fancy' meal for years.

I can no longer find canned Figs in town (Oregon Fruit no longer cans Figs.) but take advantage of fresh ones whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Jill's only request was that I post a recipe for some kind of cherry sauce for pork or duck (I added the duck since it is also a fruit friendly meat)

I have been researching a bit and find a lot of sauces that can be used 2 ways. Savory meats or sweet desserts. I remember our friend, Michale,  spooning the Fig and Cherry compote over ice cream once.

Making a sauce like this will generally always include corn starch, probably some sugar depending on the tartness of the fruit, some spice like clove or cinnamon. It simply depends on your mood. I find that cherries have a subtle flavor easy to overcome with spices so you want to try and intensify that cherry flavor if possible. Reductions and concentrations help.

I saw several recipes that incorporate Balsamic Vinegar so that would be a nice component. I must retreat to the test kitchen to experiment with the Cherries on hand and see what I can come up with. My first food commission!  More to come.

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