Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Pizza Crust was OK. Not as crisp as I like. I like to prebake my crust on a non stick pan then move them to the stone after topping. That would make it better. It was thin and chewy and one of them (on the bottom rack) was crisp. The top one was a bit doughy, like bread but still good. Had a good flavor and certainly was easy to follow. Look on the Slice blog I added and the recipe was under Cooks Illustrated trials. Here is the link to the direct recipe:

I used the leftover "gravy" from the cacciatore and buzzed with the stick blender. Pretty good, not your typical sauce. I like a lot of fennel but my family does not care for it so I leave it out. I've tried and made alot of sauces in the day. Canned sauce by Contadina is my personal favorite when I'm lazy. San Marzanos made into a homemade sauce is great if you can afford San Marzanos in Omaha.

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