Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Dinner- Ribs

Pork ribs on clearance at Walmart yesterday changed my mind from chicken to ribs. I bought the chicken previuosly so it goes to the freezer while I try to do justice to ribs, indoors, since the temp outside hovers at -2 or so. The neighbor is plowing the drive for us as "6" inches of snow dropped but it looks like 12.  Tempted to make some cinnamon rolls for them as a thank you.....I have all day.

5 p.m.  So.....the ribs have been in the oven...all day, cooking in beer and a spicy rub from Ann Burrell. I had Ben take the foil off and cook them for another hour before we got home at 4. I intended to grill them but trying to lift them from the pan proved difficult, they simply fell apart. So I went to plan "B" and slathered them carefully with Fat Boy Chipotle BBQ sauce and placed them in a hot oven while I prepared some Brussels sprouts.  We took the ribs out and paired them with a 2004 Water Wheel Shiraz. The perfect accompaniment. Delicious, falling off the bone, bone suckin' goodness. What a way to spend a Sunday at home.  Never got those darn roll made today.

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